Wednesday, December 8, 2010


1. aloevera creambath

things you need :
- 3 aloeveras
- mayonnaise

tools you need :
- spoon
- little bowl
- knife

things you gotta do :
- separate the aloevera from its skin and take the inseide meat
- (if you want) blend it
- combine it with mayonnaise
- mix it
- put it in the refrigerator

to use it :
- make sure you already washed your hair before you add this cream
- take the cool cream from the refrigerator and add it on your hair. just do what
you often see in salons.
- do it 5-15 minutes
- cover your hair with warm towel. keep it like that for 10 - 15 minutes
- then, wash your hair

2. banana creambath

things you need :
- 3 ambon bananas
- mayonnaise

tools you need :
- table spoon
- little bowl
- knife
- blender

things you gotta do :
- blend bananas using the blender
- stir the bananas with one table spoon of mayonnaise
- keep it in the refrigerator

how to use it :
- wash your hair
- add the cream to your head
- massage your head within 5 until 15 minutes
- cover your hair with warm towel for 10-15 minutes
- then wash it

ta da!!! now you can do it just by yourself.. no need to go to the salon. really nice tips for those who want to save more money. hihi

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