Saturday, December 11, 2010

facebook vs twitter

all people know what facebook and twitter is. right?
so, now im just gonna share my thoughts bout them. but first im gonna give the information about each of them.


launched : february 4, 2004
founder : Mark Zuckerberg
founded : Cambridge, Massachusetts
users : over 500 million
things you find in it :
  1. notifications
  2. message
  3. wall
  5. like 
  6. add as friend 
  7. many games and applications
  8. status updates 
  9. videos
  10. pictures / photos
  11. etc
when i had my first facebook account, i started to add my friends and used facebook all the time. like some kind of addiction. haha its fun to use facebook. but now, in indonesia, there are more 'alay' people that use facebook. and that makes me like 'what the hell'.  for me, they just ruined my mood to use facebook *no offense*, and move to twitter.


launched : July 15, 2006
founder : Jack Dorsey
founded : San Francisco, California, United States
users : 190 million
things you find in it :
  1.  tweets
  2.  mentions
  3.  direct message
  4.  trending topics
  5.  all user using '@'
  7.  following
  8.  lists
  9.  favorites
  10. etc
to use twitter also could open/ use :
  • snaptu
  • uber twitter
  • domikado
  • twixtreme
  • power twitter
  • etc

well, honestly, i found it more fun using twitter although when i first have it i dont even know what its for, and how to use it. and when i started to know little more and found out that it was way more fun than facebook.
i love the word 'followers'. haha. because it seems like im a trendsetter -_-"
from the way i see it, twitter is way easier to use. more simple. in facebook, if you wanna wall somebody, you gotta open the account of the person first. while in twitter you only have to tweet and write e.g : @lalala and there your tweet will automatically sent to lalala. dont waste too much time.

this is just an article of my thoughts. so once again no offense. :D

follow my twitter : @mamaniniknik
add my facebook : manik parmelia

thanks before XD XD XD

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