Wednesday, December 8, 2010

he's like up in the air

IRFAN BACHDIM. if you are not similar to this name, well now its time to know him a little more.


well, let me give you the picture of him first.

get the picture? good.

now lets talk bout him.
he is indonesia national football player that become so famous this month after the winning of indonesia competing malaysia in AFF (Asean Football Festival).
he gave one goal for his country and he became famous eversince.

not only gifted with good skill of playing football, he also got the attention from the girls allover indonesia. seriously. he's cute :3 haha

he was born in amsterdam, 11 august 1988. his father was indonesian and a former football player as well. his mom was a dutch. the club he's joining now is persema malang. 

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